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Versatility Redefined: Celebrating Harshad Arora

September 3 is a very special day for all Harshad Arora fans. It is the actor’s birthday and a day of celebration for his fans all over the world who are rightly known as Harshadians. Harshad Arora is a charismatic star and currently one of the most prominent actors of the television fraternity. The model turned actor who began his television journey by modeling for various popular brands followed by cameo appearances in a number of serials silently climbed the ladder of success to bag a lead role in Colors’ popular soap Beintehaa. This Fortune Productions’ show which launched on December 30, 2013 went on to become a blockbuster and Harshad with his co-star Preetika Rao became an overnight sensation. It was Harshad’s effective portrayal of Zain Abdullah that mesmerized the viewers and pulled them in his whirlpool of realistic acting. The transition of a carefree London returned Zain who is coaxed to marry his first cousin, Aaliya and his transformation to a responsible, loving and mature husband was filled with several impactful and memorable scenes. The magical chemistry of Harshad and Preetika attracted hordes of fans who lovingly termed them as ZaYa (Zain and Aaliya). Almost every episode had scenes of Harshad that stood out; most remarkable amongst these were his drunk scenes during Waleema and Ramzaan that established his benchmark as actor of par excellence. He excelled in each of the emotions of jealousy, passion, remorse, hurt and anger performed with perfection to the tilt.

What started off as a regular soap opera soon took its turn to reveal one of the television’s best written characters. An unexpected death of his on-screen father followed by misunderstandings regarding his wife made Zain utter the three dreaded words of talaaq (divorce) to Aaliya. It was during this phase that Harshad’s talent shone the brightest. He grew in each and every scene. Be it the man who haunted the viewers with his sufferings at the police station or the lost son who leaves his wife at the graveyard or the repenting husband who realizes his folly, Harshad’s acting amplified in depth with each passing episode. Harshad had a penchant for handling drunk scenes nicely as was evident in early track of the show. However, the dynamic range that the actor emoted in these emotionally heavy scenes were the scene stealers. The redemption track later took him to an altogether new level of performance. As a husband who would go to any extent to prove his love and seek for forgiveness in every test that Aaliya made him perform, Zain clearly became the winner and melted the audience with his lovelorn eyes. Seldom does an actor get to project his/her versatility in debut show but Harshad got a wonderful opportunity to play double role of Rocket, a greyer version who sharply contrasted Zain. As cliché are double roles, Harshad not only made us believe that there were two separate characters but his overtly popular substitution of F for S became a craze amongst fans. His fabulous and heart wrenching performances were duly recognized making him win several accolades.

Later on, Harshad participated in his first reality based stunt television show Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 6 (February 2015) also on Colors channel. A shy yet real Harshad was a refreshing change from the fictional character, Zain. Even though he was evicted in second week, the viewers saw a strong contender whose modesty and demureness captivated their hearts. Moreover, Harshad went ahead to star in a Valentine ’s Day special episode of Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 3 as the lead role of Dev in Devdas on Zing TV. He enthralled the viewers with his incredible execution of a drunkard Dev who yearns to redeem his lost love in the clutches of alcoholism. Harshad’s versatility was established when he did his first international cameo appearance as Zain Abdullah which was an extension of his original character from Beintehaa in an Indonesian show called Cinta Di Langit Taj Mahal on ANTV channel. Overcoming the language barrier, he excelled in his role and proved himself as one of India’s finest actors.

What makes Harshad different from other television actors is that he is an extremely shy person, a rare trait to find in the glamour industry. Harshad’s best attributes are his simplicity and modesty mixed with intoxicating levels of perfection and passion. The versatility of his talent and his accolades have still kept him balanced and reachable to his fans. All those who meet the actor come back with a life-long love for him. Though he is not much into social networking, his keen observational skills are quite evident in his interaction with fans. It is his enigmatic and magnetic pull on fans and viewers that weave his magic on the screen and leave fans adoring and cherishing his presence with all their heart. To the star whom we eagerly await to sizzle our screens, wishing him loads of love and a successful year ahead. Happy Birthday Harshad!

The article is written by Sim (@zain_e_dil) and posted by Entertainment Tadka on Sep 3, 2015..


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